Traffic restrictions around Niseko (updated 9am, 14 Sep)

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Due to the typhoon that hit Japan last week, traffic restrictions have been put in place on some major roads around the Niseko area.

The following information is valid as of 9:00AM, 14 September.

【Currently closed to through traffic】 
■ Route 66 Iwanai Toya Line
3.3km section between Oikomi Kyowa-cho Iwanai-gun and Yunosato Rankoshi-cho Isoya-gun
* In effect since 2:30, 6 September due to collapsed side slopes
Detour: None
Note: The road to Rankoshi, Yunosato, Yukichichibu, and Goshiki Onsen from Niseko-cho is open. Although Shinsen-numa cannot be reached from Niseko-cho, the road from Kyowa-cho is open. The recovery is expected to take a week and may cause inconvenience for visitors this weekend.

【Traffic resumed】
Route 276 (Bifue Pass - Kimobetsu)
Route 268 Iwanai Rankoshi Line between Oikomi Kyowa-cho and Niimi Rankoshi-cho

**The above restrictions will be lifted accordingly when reconstruction work finishes and on-site safety is confirmed. Please contact or refer to the following information sources for up-to-the-minute information.

● Japan Road Traffic Information Center (Tel: 050-3369-6601)

Hokkaido Development Bureau website

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