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HOKKAIDO is as wild as Japan gets! The Harley Riders from Southern Japan all know it. This island is perfect for riding and said to be the best motorcycling in Japan. Whether you circle Hokkaido on the open perfectly paved country roads or navigate through twisty mountain slopes, any level of rider will be satisfied.

Volcanoes, wildlife, free hot springs and cool temperatures are a major draw. Come summer the roads are packed with motorbikes. Don’t worry if you have problems reading your map or wonder which route would be more scenic. Japanese motorcycle enthusiast are some of the friendliest and most social people.

Stay at one of the numerous camp grounds or do what most riders do – stay at a “rider house”, the best source of information for anyone new to riding in Hokkaido. Often run by local riders these are the places to be in the evening. Chat with motocross racers and backpackers who are happy to trade information on the best places to go in the surrounding areas. The rider house can be anything from a shack, a B&B to a regular house and usually costs between ¥500
to ¥1500 a night. Watch out for the signs or ask the locals.

Rent a motorbike in Sapporo, navigate through the mountains in Furano, race down the Shiretoko Oudan Road and relax your aching limbs in one of the many free hot springs at lake Kussharo. Of course don’t forget to ride to Niseko, which has some of the best rafting in Hokkaido.

Local Harley freak Yoshi is proud of his island: “Every rider should experience Hokkaido’s roads,” he says. “They are endless and almost no traffic lights and police”.

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