Teuchi Ichimura Soba, Izumikyo

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This section of the magazine is called Irasshaimase because that’s the friendly welcome local businesses yell when you enter their shop.

At Teuchi Soba Ichimura, if it’s your second visit or you’re a regular, they’ll also say ‘okaeri!’ (welcome back).

Akira Ichimura moved to Hokkaido from Tochigi on the mainland for work, and through his job he met wife Keiko from Sapporo.

The reason they started the restaurant was because they love eating soba and wanted to make and eat it every day.

Seven years ago they opened shop in Izumikyo 1, and relocated to its current location just down the road two years ago.

11am-3pm, closed Tuesdays. Map 4E/p47.

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