Tana’s Healing House Raku, Hirafu Middle Village

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TANA-SAN is a local legend. Otherwise known as ‘Magic Hands’, Hiroyoshi Tanazawa uses a little known Japanese technique called ‘kinsei therapy’, which he says has similarities to osteopathy and chiropractics.

He says it involves the release of deep core muscle tension that can cause pain and distort posture.

Tana-san says his realigning techniques aid natural healing by balancing skeletal, muscular and nerve systems.

He’s from Tokyo but worked as a ski patroller in a ski resort on the mainland for a long time.

He first opened a clinic in Tokyo in 1997, but missed the snow and moved to Niseko in 2004.

Tana-san’s healing house is a tiny log cabin next to Full Note Pension in Hirafu Middle Village.


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