Taj Mahal fills and shakes bellies

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YET another new Niseko restaurant – the Taj Mahal – swung open its doors recently, with an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet and…belly dancing!

Located in Izumikyo 1’s Tancho Centre, Taj Mahal is one of seven in Hokkaido owned by Daniel Mansukhani, and is still holding a season opening buffet for lunch (¥1500) and dinner (¥2000-¥2500).
Niseko’s restaurant and bar scene has gone from strength to strength this season. After a relatively slow season in 08-09, Niseko eateries and bars are booming, with many vendors doing their best business in years.
We lost count of exactly how many new bars and restaurants there are, and we still seem to hear about more every day, but below is a shortlist that’ll get you started…
With the season being as busy as it is, remember to book to avoid disappointment.


Bang Deux, Hirafu Upper Village
Boroya, Kutchan
Hinabeya, Hirafu Upper Village
Ebisutei, Hirafu Lower Village
Red Chilli 2, Hirafu Lower Village
Ezo Seafoods, Hirafu Middle Village
Lars Longcox, Hirafu Upper Village
Vale Bar and Grill, Hirafu Upper Village
Shiosai, Hirafu Upper Village
Souan Genghis Kahn
Taj Mahal, Izumikyo 1
The Barn, Hirafu Middle Village
Vegetarian Café Green House, Izumikyo 1
Northfield Lodge Restaurant, Izumikyo 2
Okonomiyaki Cocoro, Kutchan
Izakaya Sanroku, Higashiyama
Tsubara Tsubara Soup Curry, Izumikyo 2
Fujizushi, Hirafu Middle Village
Yoteimaru Sushi Train, Kutchan
Irori, Outer Hirafu
We’re sure we’ve missed a couple. Know some more, or got some tips or reviews? Email ed@powderlife.com.


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