Splash Bar Hirafu

By 21st February 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

IF there’s a good party on in Niseko, there’s a good chance NOASC’s Shuujiro Oogata will be behind it… but if not, he’ll probably be there in the crowd anyway. A former pro-snowboarder and sushi chef, Shu-kun grew up in Tokyo and moved to Niseko 13 years ago, and worked at the old Big Cliff restaurant for eight years before starting reggae bar Mash Up in 2006/07. Last year he created Splash which has quickly become one of Hirafu’s coolest bars (check out the rabbit head with antler ears behind the bar!). Shuu-kun loves creating a great party atmosphere and often organised concerts and events and also DJs for local reggae outfit Sonic Wall.

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