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TO the disgust of powderhounds who visited in December, January’s snowfall was the stuff of legends.

Shortly after New Year, a massive storm system came to town bringing with it three straight weeks of fresh snow. What followed this daily onslaught of fresh snow was four short days of amazing sunshine and clear skies, as well as a few doomsdayers proclaiming that it was the end of the powder in Niseko.

The month finished off with another huge dump and the sceptics couldn’t have been more wrong. 2011 now officially holds the snowiest January since 2005, with over 4 metres of accumulated snowfalls in town. Measurements for the mountain are harder to accurately determine, but are certainly higher.

As you enjoy your fresh daily snow, spare a thought for the poor snow clearers that keep us from drowning as well as ski patrol who are up early every morning, even during storms, making sure the mountain is safe.

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