Snow tyres another sign snow is nigh

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YOU know when the locals start putting their snow tyres that you probably should too.

While the first big dump that will set the foundation for the rest of the season hasn’t arrived, the increased snowfalls over the past week have seen plenty of jacks and spinning wheel braces witnessed in driveways across the town.

The soft rubber of winter tyres wears quickly if there’s no snow on the ground, so many wait until the last minute.

So when the people who have lived here all their lives start putting their winter tyres on, you know it's really about to start.

Snow tyres have a different rubber composition to all-weather tyres and become hard like plastic when the temperature drops below 10C.

The rubber on snow tyres is spongy and soft – you can literally squeeze the squares of tread between your fingers.

They retain their flexibility and provide better traction at lower temperatures, and they also have tread patterns designed to dig down and bite into snow and ice.

Chains aren’t allowed in Niseko so if you’re planning on driving, make sure there’s plenty of spongy tread left on your tyres.

Driving is a good option for getting around in Niseko and can allow you to explore other resorts in the area – just make sure you have a good car with good tyres, and drive with care.

Check out our tips for driving in Niseko's snow in our Niseko Survival Guide.

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