Secrets of a foodie on a budget: Lunch at Sessa!

By 27th January 2014 June 28th, 2014 Entertainment

My passion for food sometimes leaves me with an empty wallet and a full belly, especially in this town of incredible restaurants! Since I am not willing to let the winter pass by without trying every restaurant on my bucket list, my latest scheme is, quite simply, lunch.

Many of the high-end delectable dinner restaurants will offer a lunch set at a very reasonable price, such as L’ocanda, Snow Castle, and Restaurant Sessa.

Sessa is located just past the NAC building, and serves a juicy shabu shabu dinner at prices you would expect to pay for tender cuts of waygu. I visited for lunch with my foodie partner-in-crime when we heard that Sessa put on a good set menu for only ¥1500.

Restaurant Sessa Niseko

A cosy restaurant with stylish wooden decor. It all adds to the experience!

Good? More like awesome, although anything that starts with seafood and ends with cake sits pretty well with me.

Sessa gets 10/10 for presentation, both for their newly relocated restaurant (formerly Waygu Dining Sou) and the exquisite beauty of their appetiser plate. Sorry to sound gushy, but have a look at the picture!

Restaurant Sessa Niseko

Another picture of the appetiser plate, because it’s so darn pretty!

After my immediate delight, I became somewhat wary of my appetiser plate, just in case it was one of those pretty-looking, bland-tasting affairs, but I needn’t have worried. Each morsel had its own delicious flavour, and I gobbled down delights such as pork with tasty plum tapenade, clam in savoury creamy jelly (much better than it sounds) and puffer fish fillet with as much class as I could feign, which seemed warranted by the gorgeous utensils.

Restaurant Sessa Niseko

Delicious slow cooked pork belly and white miso (the more-ish grape juice making a cameo in the corner)

Main course was served in beautiful Japanese earthenware, and consisted of slow cooked pork belly on rice and a white miso soup. The Japanese really know how to do pork, and the soft bites simply melted in my mouth.

For dessert I chose the Chiffon Ginger Cake, due to my current obsession with gingerbread, and it hit the spot with satisfying precision. The accompanying latte was another triumph on behalf of Sessa, as was the Yamabudo, the wild grape juice that came as part of the set.

Restaurant Sessa Niseko

Café latte and ginger chiffon cake with sumptuously fresh cream

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me, Sessa, and snaps for making your lunch accessible to the more budget foodie!

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