Randy’s Ruler Pants

By 10th February 2012 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered how deep the snow was on your big powder day? Now you can measure while skiing or snowboarding with Randy Wieman’s Ruler Pants.

Former pro-skier Randy came up with the idea, because “there is nowhere else in the world where these pants would be so useful”. With these pants you can quote to the exact centimetre if your friends ask how deep your day was. They are now available exclusively in Niseko at Larry Adlers, Inski, and ProSki.

Randy has skied over 200 ski resorts around the world, and was a Freestyle Skiing Champion in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He decided to make Niseko his “northern hemisphere” home in 2004, after experiencing first-hand why this place is known as the powder capital of the world.

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