Powder Yoga is the perfect complement to powder heaven

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Yesterday was a bluebird day in the usually overcast Niseko, and we all raced out into the glorious sunshine to play in Grand Hirafu’s newly opened terrain park. There is a good reason I usually leave the park stuff to my more coordinated friends, and I finished up the day feeling a little older and a lot achier, despite the big smile on my face.

It wasn’t pretty this morning, but I was scheduled to attend a yoga class so I hobbled up the hill to Yotei Lodge to check out Powder Yoga’s brand new studio.

What a fantastic decision.

Powder Yoga Niseko

Kanami’s soothing delivery makes you feel peaceful inside and out

I have always been a yoga lover, despite my aforementioned lack of coordination, and up until now the Hirafu region has lacked a dedicated yoga studio. Enter through the very traditional halls of Yotei Lodge to knock on the Powder Yoga studio door, and you will arrive in a peaceful haven created by founder and teacher Kanami Anderson.

The space is small but soothing, and yogi Kanami has some impressive teacher training that includes advanced training with the illustrious Julia McCabe in Nicaragua. After running Powder Yoga in Niseko for three years as her ‘other job’, she has now dedicated herself to her passion and is operating the studio as a fulltime practice. More power to your arm, girl!

Powder Yoga Niseko

Instructor Kanami practices in the peace of her new studio

This is great news for locals, as we can now take advantage of Kanami’s 45min Lunch Break classes for a speedy stretch, or hit up a 7:15am Pre-Shred class before attempting to kill ourselves in the park. It is even better news for visitors, who are now offered an accommodating schedule that can fit in with any holiday timetable.

Classes are varied and open to all levels, and for those yoga virgins I am going to go on one of those annoying yoga rants and say: one of my favourite things about yoga is that don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it. Kanami has an exceptionally inspiring method of delivery, and I left the class feeling calm and happy, and with considerably improved walking ability. It really is incredible what yoga can do for your body.

Namaste, Powder Yoga

Namaste, Powder Yoga

“I started doing yoga because I was involved in a lot of outdoor sports,” comments Kanami, “and I quickly found it to be the perfect complement. To be able to bring that mental focus and calm to surfing and snowboarding is just awesome.”

She didn’t say it in so many words, but I am pretty sure that doing yoga is going to help me do 360s. In the meantime, I am content with soothing my sore muscles and making my body feel put back together the right way.

Check out the Powder Yoga website for more details at www.powderyoga.com, and if you see me at a Pre-Shred session please remind me that I am too old for rails, no matter how invigorated I’m feeling after class!

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