PowCom Cafe, Moiwa

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If you’re going to go for lunch after a hard morning’s ski, you want to go where the chef knows what you need to eat. Mad keen snowboarder and PowCom café manager Kenji Kuramochi does – an extra big serving of hearty food, topped off with a beer. If you get the ¥1000 lunch pack, Kenji will throw in a beer for ¥100!! It’s almost as if he wants you to have it because he knows how good it is to have a beer after a big ski/ride!! The menu is pretty basic but all tried, tested and proven to taste absolutely fantastic on an empty stomach – Genghis Khan lamb on rice, teriyaki chicken on rice, and an old Japanese ski hill favourite: omelette and curry rice. Of course, the servings are extra big because he knows how hungry you are! Originally from Tokyo, Kenji came to Niseko with a plan to stay three years. The three years is up and now he doesn’t want to leave. He hopes to open a backpacker-style accommodation with a cafe attached, also in Moiwa. These days he snowboards every-day until 11.15am… before opening for business at 11.30am! On the right just before you reach the carpark at Moiwa.

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