Perfect family riding day!!

By 31st March 2018 Niseko Snow Report

0 cm of fresh snow has accumulated in Niseko in the 12 hours to 7am.


Conditions at Hirafu midway station (820m)
Snowfall estimated: 0 cm
Temperature:  1.1 °C
Wind:  W 11 m/s

Conditions observed in Niseko Town (139m)
Snowfall observed: 0 cm
  3.3 °C
Wind: W 4 m/s

It’s warm and sunny, a perfect family riding day. I have a friend family from Tokyo with 4 years old boy today. I’m excited to ride with them! I’ll take lots of picture with friends and Mt. Yotei!

This is the last snow report for 117-18 season. Looking back this season, Niseko’s got a fantastic season. This is the best season since I moved here 2009. Snow started falling in late November and just kept falling in December. I enjoyed December at empty mountain. It rained some time in January and February but snowed a looooot, sometime tired of shoveling snow in front of my house. I just kept riding and shoveling everyday, I thought it wound never end… but spring has come. I’ll enjoy spring snow for another two months. Spring in Niseko is so beautiful, wild flowers will bloom soon and trees will change their color.

Thank you so much for reading the snow report. I hope everyone enjoy the lest of season safely, and see you again in Niseko next season!

– Maiko :)

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