Pension Ramina, Hirafu

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Like many in Niseko, Ramina Pension owner ShunichiFujimine is living the dream. Since his university days more than 30 years ago, he dreamed of owning his own accommodation in the mountains. He had lived near the mainland ski resorts around Nagano and Yuzawa but after coming to Niseko, fell in love with Mt Yotei and the local mountains. Seven years ago he quit his job as a businessman and opened Ramina. It’s a huge wooden mountain lodge just outside Hirafu, which he and his wife run year-round. It’s a lot more work than he imagined, but he loves meeting so many people from all over the world. By the way, in the local indigneous Ainu people’s dialect, ‘ra’ means heart and ‘mina’ means smile.

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