Pension Kisara, Hirafu

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Yoshitomi Kisara, the owner of Pension Kisara in Hirafu Middle Village, was born in Sapporo and when he was 14 moved to Niseko with his family to start the pension. After university he moved to Tokyo and became a businessman, but always dreamed of taking over his father’s business back in beautiful Niseko. He’s been back for 10 years now and he and his wife recently had their first child, who is almost one-year-old. He says although there are a lot of foreign companies now building modern accommodation in Hirafu, he wants to continue the tradition of Japanese-style pensions, and has renovated Pension Kisara to suit customers’ needs. The pension also offers massage and beauty salon treatments. Visit or call 0136-23-3654 or 090 3899 0983

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