Pension Hurry Slowly Hirafu

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One of the most amusing things for foreigners visiting Niseko is the quirky names of the small pension accomodation houses around the village. Among Popcorn, Carrot, Snowman Memory and Hang Loose, one of the best is Hurry Slowly. Masayuki and Noriko Abe opened Hurry Slowly 13 years ago after moving from nearby Otaru. They used to come to Niseko and stay at Pension Full Note and envied the lifestyle of its owner who worked hard all winter and relaxed all summer. Masayuki came up with the name based on a famous Japanese proverb which says: “If you want to get to your goal quickly, sometimes it can pay to go the long way around”. With an entrepenurial zest, Masayuki also started a traditional Japanese restaurant, Yo, and built a row of condominium townhouses. Despite moving to Niseko to enjoy the slow life, Masayuki has actually found he’s too busy and although he was a keen skier, has actually only managed to get out on the mountain a handful of times since he arrived. If you’re not staying at Hurry Slowly, be sure to experience restaurant Yo.

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