Nakaya / Pedenki, Hirafu Lower Village

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You’ve heard of the world-famous Kobe Beef. Well now try Kobe ‘horumon’ (offal). Nakaya Izakaya (an izakaya is a casual dining Japanese pub/restaurant), which turns into Pedenki Pub late in the evening, is probably the only restaurant in Hokkaido serving offal from Kobe cows. And most horumon restaurants use pig offal anyway. Co-owner Masahiko Nakata was a butcher in Kobe before he moved to Niseko so he has the right supply connections. He cooks it in miso and urges people just to try it at least once. Most foreigners who do give it a go end up going back again and again. If the thought is just too rich, at least head down for a drink. It’s a quiet little pub and interior is a very unique traditional Japanese style. The name Pedenki comes from the professions of the staff – penkiya-san (painter) from one of the staff members who helped build and paint it, and denkiya-san (electrician) from the other co-owner Junya Ishikawa. Map ref: A3.

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