“Outdoor GIENTAI”, outdoor industry’s support initiative by mont-bell

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mont-bell Co.,Ltd is setting up a support team, “Outdoor GIENTAI”, to take industry-based initiative to help the people in those disaster areas by Tohoku District/Pacific Coast Earthquake.
For those who are engaged in the outdoor industry, please rise up together and do what we can do. Below is the brief description of how you can contribute;

1. Relief Supplies
Contact:Outdoor GIENTAI
c/o Montbell Co., Ltd.

2. Donations:

3. Volunteers:
Ecotourism Japan
rq@ecotourism-center.jp(in Japanese only)
*It is limited only for the domestic residents in Japan who are able to communicate in Japanese.

For more information, please refere to the mont-bell website, and the poster.

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