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WHETHER you were in town for a week or the season, winter 2011/12 is one you’ll remember for a long time. Across Japan record lows and snowfalls were recorded – and in Niseko we’ve certainly had our

With 6.62m of snowfall at village level in December and 5.97m in January, we enjoyed an average of over 20cm a day and only five snowless days. That’s an amazing stat and the reason so many people are here from across Japan and around the world.

Of course there’s always a downside to this: digging out your car – and your house – from under more than 15m of snow gets old quick, but nobody’s complaining.

We’re already over our season average – with weeks of snow still to come and lifts that run to May. So keep your skis handy, the season’s far from over… – by Chris Chan

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