Nordica Jah Love Alpine Ski

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ASIDE from Niseko local Par Dahlin, I don’t know many Rastafarians who ski and there definitely isn’t snow in Jamaica. But then, the Nordica Jah Love isn’t really made to ski – it’s designed to float. With 140mm of solid wood core stability under your feet, and flat camber, you’ll surf almost effortlessly in any type or depth of powder. The Jah Love’s unique tip-waist design gives you maximum performance in deep snow and makes powder skiing an unforgettable experience, providing a snappy, responsive feel to give you nothing but positive vibrations. They don’t make you want to go Mach 10, but tolerate pretty high speeds without trying to force you into going any faster than you normally would. Their name seems very appropriate: easy going and happy, no stress. Lively up yourself! On groomers they are s-l-o-w from edge to edge. Tip them over, wait, wait, wait, here they come, and then the edge completely fails to grip on anything hard. This is not the type of ski you’ll buy if you only have one ski, but if you’re looking for a fat bow to add to your quiver, it’s either this or the K2 Pontoon. Or Toki from Niseko 343’s snowboard on each foot (see Page Seven issue 14). Available from Murasaki sports Sapporo. ¥85,000. Tel: 011-219-4231

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