Niseko signs up for international film exposure

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AN award-winning snow movie made predominantly in and around Niseko last year has been carving its signature identity into film circles around the world.

Sweetgrass Productions’ Signatures is an artistic, cinematic masterpiece with a chilled out folk soundtrack and poetic narration, focused on the dynamically different seasons in Niseko and greater Hokkaido, along with personal expression and relationships, both on the mountain and off.

In a refreshing diversion from the snow film norm, Signatures – which features jaw-dropping hi-def skiing, boarding, no-boarding and dropknee-boarding – concentrates on the style, art and personality of riding snow, instead of extreme, technical riding.

The film’s unique approach has resonated well with Niseko powderhounds – many of whom say Signatures achieves the difficult task of summing up on film the feeling of riding deep powder in the backcountry.

The organic, natural and fluid theme of Signatures gelled with the ideals and philosophies of Niseko snowsurfer and Gentemstick snowboard founder, Taro Tomai, who also featured heavily in the film.

*Sweetgrass and Powderlife are giving readers the chance to win a copy of Signatures. Send us a haiku about the art of riding and the deep powder sensation for a chance to win. Best three haikus win a DVD and get published in the mag. Send entries to

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