Niseko Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival)

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Every year since 2007, the Niseko wo koyonaku ai suru association (represented by Mr. Hideo Nakajima), is carrying out a cherry tree planting event at Miyayama hill, close to the literary museum dedicated to Takeo Arishima, the famous writer so inseparably connected to Niseko. The name of the event is “Niseko thousand cherry tree project”.

As part of the movement, an event entitled “Niseko Sakura Festival” will be staged from April 28 over a 37 day period. 30 businesses and institutions will be participating.

Between May 12th and 20th, the footpaths around the thousand cherry trees of Niseko, Miyayama Hill or the “Kaributo Hakkei” (eight spots of distintguished natural beauty) will turn into locations for hanami parties.

At the same time, Niseko’s outdoor operators will cooperate to offer spring activities to please all the senses. They include sakura discounts on rafting and horse riding tours, or canoe tours that include cherry blossom cookies and snacks. In addition, Niseko View Plaza shop will be dedicating a special corner to a “sakura bazaar” selling limited items such as sakura natto, special sakura tofu or t-shirts with a sakura design.

For the sixth year in a row, choirs from all over the Shiribeshi area will meet for the “Niseko Choir Festival”, held on May 19th at the Niseko Chomin Center. Furthermore, on June 2nd and 3rd volunteer guides will be offering free guided bus tours of Niseko.

The tree planting event that concludes this year’s Thousand Cherry Tree project will be held on June 3rd. Miyayama Hill, where the trees will be planted, makes an appearance in Takeo Arishima’s novel “The Descendants of Kain” and counts among the “Kaributo Hakkei”. It is said to have been overgrown with cherry trees in Arishima’s time. The Thousand Cherry Tree project was born with the intent of restoring the small mountain to its former splendor, which is why the Thousand Cherry Tree Project will be carried out this year as well.

Contact: Niseko wo koyonaku ai suru Association (At Hotel Resort Inn Niseko TEL 0136-44-3811)

Here is the list of the sponsors.

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