Niseko opens the gates

By 4th January 2010 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

AFTER the deluge of snow that descended upon Niseko during the epic two-day New Year’s storm, all the backcountry gates are now open for business.

Today saw the opening of the last remaining gate – Peak Gate (G3) – with many hiking to the summit to take first lines of the East Face, and into the Annupuri Back Bowls.
Yesterday, the King Lift #4 – or ‘Meat Hook’ – whirred into action and lines were long, full of keen skiers and boarders champing at the bit to get through the lower peak gate (G4) for first dibs at the lower East Face into Jackson’s and Hanazono.
The remaining gates G1, G2, G5 and G7 have also been opened in the past few days, and the Moiwa gate G6 has also been open for some time.
The backcountry gates will now be open until the end of the season, but which gates remaining open on a day-to-day basis is largely determined by avalanche danger, weather and general safety.
Now that the backcountry is all officially open, have fun but it is important to remember to stay safe. Please remember to follow the Niseko Rules, and don’t go through closed gates. If they are closed, they are closed for a reason.
Also, make sure you check the local avalanche and mountain information at Remember to stay informed with video snow reports on , along with all the latest syndicated weather and snowfall information.
* For backcountry gate names and locations, please check your  Niseko United course map.




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