Niseko Home Design

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A HOME is only as good as the sum of its parts, and it is essential to look past the glossy finished product. For Niseko Home Design’s director Shigeru Uehara, practicability and durability are the main foundations of his design philosophy.

SHIGERU graduated from Chuo University, Tokyo in 1989 before moving to Portland, Oregon to further pursue and develop his skills. He then commenced his career as a builder in 1992 for Cross Pacific before attaining his Japanese architect and builder’s license. It was then that he realised his passion for combining strong Western structures with contemporary Japanese design and established Niseko Home Design in 2006. Since then he has been applying his design and building skills to a number of varied projects.

He is equipped with both a building licence and architectural design expertise to ensure that the project is perfect from start to finish. Partnering with local Japanese industry partners, Shigeru oversees all aspects of design to satisfy the unique environmental demands of Niseko.

Builders and architects in Niseko have to prepare for many natural challenges such as snow, cold climate, volcanoes, climate change and earthquakes. There are many practical ways to lessen the impact that the environment has on your home in Niseko. Shigeru does this by using local Japanese wood and materials first, as well as Niseko-area tradesmen. Also by having insulation, climate-control techniques such as proper sealing of corners, windows, doors and vents, as well as a pitched roof to reduce water and weight stress on your home.

Shigeru’s houses are synchronic with the natural Hokkaido environment. The houses he designs are typically Japanese in style – clean lines, minimalist décor, and with impeccable attention to detail. Combing this with Western comforts and his quest for beautiful design that’s practical and sustainable, Shigeru is committed to
making a house that is harmonious with the environment.

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