Niseko Green Farm

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NISEKO Green Farm’s mission statement is both ambitious and simple: To grow the best organic produce in Japan.

NISEKO Green Farm (NGF) is a 100-ha farm at the footsteps of Mount Yotei that grows natural organic, open-pollenated produce, including potatoes, onions, eggplants, corn and asparagus. These vegetables are all ideally suited to being grown in the local region and thus thrive without external non-organic influences, like chemical fertilisers. As well as organic, heirloom variety vegetables, NGF also grows an assortment of culinary and aromatic herbs.

Long-term resident and man running NGF Dennis Van Den Brink is no stranger around town – he’s often referred to as ‘that Dutch guy with dreadlocks’. Dennis is also the chef at Wild Bill’s this winter, is a keen green thumb and has great passion for organic produce. With NGF he’s able to share his knowledge and enthusiasm on guided tours around the farm, where he explains and educates about the processes used on the farm and the best ways to cook the produce. He also lets people pick produce fresh from where it is growing. And, because no chemicals are used growing the produce, they can be eaten straight from the plant.

Since crops can’t be started until the snow covering the ground melts, seedlings are started in hydroponic greenhouses in early spring. During summer and autumn, there are several stores and markets that stock NGF’s produce, including J-Sekka (there is a small honesty stand outside J-Sekka during summer), Sun Green and Yukidaruma in Kutchan, Farmer’s Weekend Market at Sapporo Station, The Life Stock in Sapporo and even a few places in Tokyo.

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