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With so many beautiful self-contained apartments and houses in Niseko now, if you’re lucky enough to be staying in one it’s a pity to go out to eat every night of your holiday. We decided that we’re so far into the season that we are getting lazy and would like to have the restaurant come to us this time. What a dream to have an expert chef turn up to your pad, prepare a gourmet dinner perfectly matched with a selection of wine, have them do all the tidying up and leave you to wallow in the glow of the meal on your own comfy lounge. Niseko Gourmet’s managing director Tess Stomski has had years of experience and worked at a similar catering service at a French ski resort before setting up Niseko Gourmet earlier this season. Tess and her assistant Anna Coussens arrived at our friend’s beautifully appointed house, armed with everything needed to prepare, serve and consume the meal. Tess quickly set about preparing the canapés, while Anna made sure everyone was well equipped with a glass of Kir Royal made with Australian bubbly.

The canapés included a delicious combination of edamame, mizuna, chicken and walnut served in delicate home-made mini parmesan baskets and some delightful smoked salmon-topped polenta & caper muffins. Once we were seated, the entrée was some beautiful medallions of Hokkaido crab salad with gazpacho and avocado quenelles, perfectly matched with a crisp Leeuwin Estate Art Series Sauvignon Blanc. Divine. We were well and truly prepared for the main and they didn’t disappoint with a pork loin wrapped in pancetta with red onion and prune marmalade served on a sweet potato puree, green leaf salad and green beans in miso and sesame. Their choice of a D’arenberg Derelict Grenache was a perfect accompaniment. If I was English I might say pucker, but instead I’ll just say yum yum! Dessert was a green tea panacotta served in original Japanese porcelain, and everyone’s bowl was different. A selection of fresh truffles, French and Hokkaido cheeses, homemade chocolate and Mt Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling dropped us off right at contentment station. They then cleared up the kitchen, all the crockery and utensils, leaving us with a beautifully clean house and our own wine glasses (which they cleverly encouraged us to use) so we could continue to enjoy the remainder of our wine after they left.

Niseko Gourmet also offers children’s meals, where the kids get in the kitchen and make their own pizzas from scratch – messy but fun! Breakfast and brunch are proving very popular, with the girls taking care of many visiting celebrities this season. If you’ve got a group of six or more, are staying in a nice place and feel like indulging, having Niseko Gourmet come over for all of your breakfasts and a dinner or two adds a luxurious touch to a holiday.

Niseko Gourmet: 080 5584 1313 or 0136 55 6885.

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