Niseko Cheese Factory

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Kondou Takashi was born in Monbetsu in the very north of Hokkaido. He loves cheese and used to work in the deli section of a supermarket, but eventually became bored of selling somebody else’s product, so he decided he’d learn how to make his own. Takashi-san went to school in France for two months to learn how to make cheese. He then spent a whole year looking for a place for his factory – he chose Niseko because it was close to Sapporo, the dairy farms are small and the grass is rich in minerals making for excellent quality milk. He makes a wide range of cheeses and is constantly adding new products, the next being cheese pudding and fromage. The factory is at the T-junction of Routes 343 and 66 near Higashiyama. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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