Niseko Cheese Factory

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Kondou Takashi was born in Monbetsu in the very north of Hokkaido. So far north you can actually see icebergs off the coast. He used to work for supermarket giant Daiei in the deli section. Eventually he became bored of selling somebody else’s product and loved cheese, so he decided he’d learn how to maek his own. Takashi-san went to school in France for two months to learn how to make cheese. He then spent a whole year looking for a place where he could make cheese – he chose Niseko because he was still close to Sapporo so it would be good for his business. Also, the dairy farms in the area are small which means quality of the milk is better. The business is fairly quiet during the winter, so he says it’s a good time to make his gouda cheese. In summer he makes camembert in between serving the multitude of Japanese on holidaying in Hokkaido. He has a wide range of cheeses, and wants to add at least one new product a year to increase his range. The store is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays… but even when it’s closed, he’s inside making cheese!

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