onsen special// NIIMI HONKAN

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Niimi Honkan is one of the few onsens in the Niseko area where couples or the whole family can enjoy the outdoor bath together. The area around Niimi is well known for its mineral content in the drinking and onsen water, so make sure you take a long soak in the precious water. 

This hot spring is tucked away in a remote location in the mountains, and therefore many of the guests who make the journey here stay for a few days at the guesthouse to relax and eat.

There is also some good backcountry nearby, so the guesthouse can be used as a great jumping off point to your adventures, and you can come home to one of the best onsens around in your backyard. It has been open for 99 years and next year will be their 100th anniversary.

¥500 adults, ¥300 high school children, ¥200 kids. Open 8am-9pm every day, all year round.
TEL: 0136575231 Hitou no Yado Niimi Honkan Aza Niimi 1 Rankoshi-cho, Isoya-gun, Hokkaido.

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