NAC Festival, 9 July in Hirafu

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NAC Niseko Adventure Centre will have a festival on 9 July! There will be tons of events and a free shuttle bus from Sapporo available.

1. Rafting will be free for ages 12 and under, when participating with a parent.
2. Various lessons at JoJo’s.
3. Lots of food stands, and beer in the evening!
4. Slackline session from 10:00.

●Free shuttle bus from/to Sapporo●
【From】Sapporo station 9:00, Iias (NAC Sapporo) 9:30
【Return】 Departs 17:30, arrives Iias 19:30, Sapporo station 20:00
*NAC Sapporo will also hold NAC Day on the 9th and 10th.

For more information, please contact NAC Niseko Adventure Centre (TEL:0136-23-2093,

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