Multicultural market is hot stuff for winter

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FLAVOURS from around the globe have converged on Niseko with the newly-opened Niseko Food Market.

Located smack-bang in the Middle Village, alongside Australia House on Shirakaba-Zaka (just look for the red and white lanterns out front), the take away hotspot, made up of several adjoining demountables, brings a delicious and multicultural menu to Hirafu.

The tempting smells of kebabs, Nepalese curry, roast chicken, crepes and South American barbecue spare ribs have been wafting around town for the past few weeks. Hot food when it’s snowy outside – what’s not to like?

And the important thing is it’s cheap, say the organisers, so even snow bums and seasonal workers can afford it.

The market is the brainchild of Niseko Pizza owner Cezar Constantin, who came up with the idea while working around food outlets at Hokkaido’s premiere summer music festival, The Rising Sun.

The hard-working businessman almost gave up on the food market due to rolls and rolls of red tape, but in the end it all worked out and the six stalls are now open for business.

Cezar – who has lived in Japan for nine years, and famously operated from a big red bus last season (which will return this year selling pizza, coffee and bacon and egg rolls) – says the food market will offer something new to thriving Niseko.

“It will definitely be good for Niseko,” he says.

“The food market will give that variety of food and flavours and something new for the area, because there are not many takeaway places in the area – often you have to dine-in.

"It adds a real multicultural atmosphere and feel to Niseko as well. It’s something very interesting and original, having a takeaway market for people to enjoy in the snow.”

Cezar, whose father also works in a pizzeria, is a graduate of a mathematics degree, and believes there is a science to making food a sure-fire hit – good food, cleanliness and exceptional customer service are the key ingredients.

It seems Cezar has definitely done the correct math here. Tasty food + affordable prices = success in everyone’s book.

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