MTV Japan Jam Art vs. Science Concert

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After a long week of partying and a few shots of Jagermeister later, MTV Japan Jam ended with a huge concert at The Hilton with over 850 in attendance.

Most people, especially the huge Australian presence in Niseko, were there to see Australian rockers Art vs. Science. Crowd pleasing, electric and a pleasure to watch, the three guys, Dan, Dan and Jim, played their usual suspects plus a couple of new songs. (See our interview with Art vs. Science below).

The crowd went wild for ‘Magic Fountain’, 'Parlez vous Francais’ and, of course, ‘The Flipper Song’.

DJ Anna Lunoe finished the night off with some party tracks and then it was lights up at 11:00 pm and back to Hirafu to finish off the festivities.

Thanks Ross for the photos, MTV for the parties, The Hilton for hosting this event, and Jagermeister for the headaches.

Interview with Art vs. Science

First time to Japan?

For two of us it is …

Things that have made you look twice in Japan?

Harajuku – and Harajuku people. The whole city has a certain feel to it which is different to all of these other places we have been to. It’s just so shiny, orderly and clean and nice, polite and quiet. Things work here. With our keyboard cases they asked us if they were delicate and which way was up – no one has ever done that for us before.

Ski or snowboard?

Ski, snowboard and snowboard.

What have you heard about Niseko?

That it’s really good powder. And they said there’s powder every where you go.
Two guys in this entourage have a bet going on whether or not they’ll spot someone with a snorkel. Apparently people wear snorkels to ski here.

Have you learned any Japanese while you’ve been here?

Yes, kono ongaku ii ne (this music is good) and oishii.

And I can say gerioshiteimasu, which means I’ve got diarrhoea.

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