Most ride down the mountain, they ride up

By 20th March 2010 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

TACKLING a snowy mountain on skis or a snowboard might be extreme enough for most of us… but how about on a motorbike?

That’s what’s going down – or up, actually – at the King of the Hill Snow Hill Climb, a free all-day spring event at Moiwa on April 11.

The high-adrenaline motocross meet started in Sapporo in 2008, and has been moved to Moiwa for the first time this year.

Organiser Iida-san said motorbike hill climbs had become very popular in Europe in the last few years – and they were just starting to rev up in Japan.

“It’s a crazy, fun experience for spectators and riders,” he said.

“Here you will see beginners to professionals and even Japanese motocross champions riders in their funky and original bike wear, on a wide range of machines from 50cc to cross bikes.

"There will even be four-wheelers racing to make this crazy event even more awesome!”

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