Momiji Street entertainment district

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HOLLYWOOD has its Sunset Strip, Paris the Champs-Élysées, and then there’s the famous Tokyo shopping and entertainment strip, Ginza.

Now it seems Niseko could soon have its own official entertainment district – Momiji Street.

Many bars, restaurants and shops in the street have joined forces to promote the area to give Hirafu and Niseko a recognised entertainment zone.

There’s even a red shirt that can be seen around town promoting the Momiji Street. Every business from the top of the street to the bottom are on-board, and are listed on the shirt.

These include retail store Mountain Shop 343; restaurant and bar Yosaku; sushi restaurant The Barn; restaurant Sou; bar Splash; Ezo Seafoods seafood supplies and oyster bar; jazz bar Half Note; reggae bar Barunba; the Ice Experience ice bar; barbecue restaurant Souan; and restaurant Yawaraya.

The Momiji Street campaign is spearheaded by Ezo Seafoods seafood shop and oyster bar owner, James Gallagher.

“Part of the problem here is Niseko doesn’t have known street names – getting to places is all based on landmarks, like Seicomart,” he said.

“The resort realised this and gave the streets visible names last year. If people know Momiji Street it could become a destination within the overall destination of Niseko.”

James said he thought Momiji Street deserved status as Hirafu’s entertainment district because it had the highest concentration of different outlets in the village.

James hopes there will soon be a recognisable street sign for the district, and hints there are plans for events starting this winter, including a music festival, a luge competition, music night, and summer music festival.


Shirts off on Momiji Street competition

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