Mina Mina’s maguro donburi

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THIS issue’s recipe is for maguro donburi (tuna sashimi rice bowl) thanks to relaxed Hirafu izakaya Mina Mina.

300 gm Fresh Sashimi Tuna
 2 spring onions
   NORI seaweed sliced thinly
 1 tsp white sesame seeds
 1 tsp wasabi paste

 50 ml Dashi (Japanese soup
 15 ml soy sauce
 60 ml maple syrup

How to make the DASHI (Japanese soup stock)
1. Put cold water into big pot, and put a piece of KONBU dried kelp seaweed in.
2. place pot on low heat until almost boiling, then remove the KONBU from the
  water. Increase heat until water is boiling.
3. When the soup is boiled remove from heat, then add KATSUOBUSHI dried
  bonito and fish flakes . Leave 3and half minutes until the flakes sink.
4. Strain the stock through a paper towel, then add a little salt.

1. mix Dashi , soy sauce and maple syrup
 to make the seasoning.
2. slice the fresh tuna, and place into the
 seasoning. Cover, and leave to sit for
 2 to 3 hours in a cold place.
3. prepare rice in a bowl, and put
  sesame and seasoning on the rice.
4. arrange tuna on the rice, and put
 NORI and spring onion on top.
5. finish by putting the seasoning on the
 top and put Wasabi on the side.

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