It looks like a mild day today

By 22nd February 2018 Niseko Snow Report

5 cm of fresh snow has accumulated in Niseko in the 12 hours to 7am.


Conditions at Hirafu midway station (820m)
Snowfall estimated: 10-15 cm
Temperature:  -11 °C
Wind:  WSW 6.7 m/s

Conditions observed in Niseko Town (139m)
Snowfall observed: 5 cm
  -7 °C
Wind: SW 2 m/s

Not many snow has fallen last night and it looks like a mild day. I went to Moiwa yesterday. I had two beautiful runs from the gate 6. Snow in the trees was great condition!

I’m still deciding where I should go today. Weather changes every 5 minutes. If I can see well, I want to go to the peak. But if I can’t see well, I might go Moiwa again and stay in the beautiful forest. If you are tired of riding, would you like to see the beautiful ice festival in Shikotsu lake? It’s in between Niseko and the air port, takes 90 min by car. I recommend to go in late afternoon as it’s more beautiful with lights up.

Nest low pressure is coming to Hokkaido on Friday. Let’s see what’s happening…

– Maiko :)

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