‘Let’s harvest pumpkins!!’, 10 September

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Since the last event in May, the pumpkins are getting bigger and bigger everyday! Now,it’s time to gather pumpkins!!

Join the event and help Iwasaki Farm to harvest pumpkins for the coming Halloween community event!

●Farm experience
Date and time: 10 September, meet@8:30, start@9:00, finish@15:00
Place: Iwasaki Farm
Work: Harvest,pruning, etc.
Lunch: BBQ
Fee: 1,000yen/adult, child/500yen
*Bring your own working boots & gloves, water bottle, towels, hat, rice balls, and whatever else you need for work!

●Overnight get-together
Date and time: 10 September, 19:00-(meet@18:30)
Place: Iwasaki Farm barn
Fee: 2,000yen/person
*Bring your own sleeping bag and toiletries

Please contact the Farm on 0136 44 3179 (in Japanese) or Annupuri Village (English available) on 0136 59 2111 for more information.

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