Kutchan’s Yukitopia

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KUTCHAN’S Yukitopia (yuki is Japanese for snow) is a community-orientated festival with great events. \

YUKITOPIA is a full weekend of activities from February 18–19 in Kutchan’s central park (S3E4). For all the Hirafuites that are interested in attending the event, a free shuttle-bus is operating between the Welcome Center in Hirafu (Saturday: 9:50, 11:05, 13:20, 14:35, 15:50, 16:55 Sunday: 9:00, 10:17, 11:34, 13:52, 14:54) and returning from the Yukitopia site (Saturday: 11:48, 14:03, 15:18, 16:22, 17:27 Sunday: 11:02, 13:20, 14:22, 15:40). If you wish to come later, Kutchan Night Bus will be operating.

There are events ranging from the tame nabe (hotpot) making competition (Saturday 11:30) and gumboot kicking competition (Saturday 11:00), through to snowball fights (Saturday 12:00) and a crazy competition to glide across a pool of icy water to share a piece of the prize money (Sunday 13:00).

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