Kutchan Potato Festival washed out

By 4th August 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

THE strength of the Japanese character shone through in Niseko this weekend at the annual Kutchan Jaga Matsuri (Potato Festival).

Rain dogged the festival from start on Saturday morning to finish on Sunday night, but the show went on.

Taiko drums and floats in the main event, the Potato Parade, were covered in plastic, summer kimono clad girls sheltered under umbrellas, barbecues were cooked under tents, and fireworks went off in a short break in the downpour.

Thousands of people turned out to enjoy the event which is the Kutchan’s biggest summer festival.

The area is famous for its potatoes and the Jaga Matsuri is a celebration of that, and a chance for the town to get together and celebrate the peak of the summer weather.

Its winter counterpart is the Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival), a celebration of similar size which celebrates the winter.

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