Konpira Autumn Festival in Kutchan, 9-11 Oct

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9 Oct (Sun) 19:00~Kaibyaku Opening Ceremony
10 Oct (Mon) 10:00~Kendo show
          10:30~Alchemy Dai-Goma-kyo
          12:00~Yotei taiko drumming
          13:00~Fire walking
11 Oct (Tue) 11:00~Kechigan Closing Ceremony

*Gokaicho: In preparation for the 100th anniversary next year, the gohonzon (principal Buddhist image in the temple) will be shown during these three days. This event, known as Gokaicho, occurs once every ten years.

Venue and Information: Konpira Temple (North 7 West 1, Kutchan town) Tel:0136-22-0352
Click here for details (Japanese).

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