Niseko Snow Report // January 16, 2010

By 16th January 2010 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

If you’re in Niseko right now I don’t need to tell you what a fantastic week – and month – this has been for snow.

It just isn’t stopping… which is great if you’re on the hill, not so much fun if you’re shovelling out your car! We’re expecting the snow showers to continue again throughout the day, with strong morning winds easing as the day progresses.

Snows and winds should both lighten tomorrow, but expect the snow fall to pick up again Sunday.

The back country gates are expected to open at 9.30 for those of you wanting to taste the really deep stuff, but please check the latest Avalanche info &/or talk with the Ski Patrol before you step thru the gates.

Right now this is some of the best snow conditions ever so get out there and grab some!

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