Izakaya Restaurant Kakashi

By 16th February 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

The food at Kakashi is amazing, but perhaps what makes this charming little izakaya even better is the warmth of its owners. Kenichi and Gyoko Ogi make every visitor feel like they’re dining in a five star restaurant, which is somewhat contrary to what izakaya are all about. Izakaya are probably best described as casual Japanese-dining restaurants. Seating is informal, beer and sake is served and consumed liberally, and a constant stream of small Japanese dishes are brought to the table. At Kakashi, almost every dish seems to be their speciality, although we have to make special recommendation of their hokke! Kakashi opened 19 years ago and Kenichi says the main reason was because there was hardly anywhere to eat out in Hirafu. At the time there were only two other restaurants – Bang Bang and Fuji Sushi. While it’s almost impossible to count how many restaurants there are in Hirafu now, Kakashi is still one of the best.

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