It snows to village level in Niseko

By 26th October 2010 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Hold your bets – Niseko’s first snow has fallen. This morning local Niseko residents woke up to light dusting of snow on their cars and roofs. It also snowed overnight in Sapporo.

The first snow comes as a surprise for many, but a safe bet for some in the village who have outsmarted others in local betting rings.

One organiser of an underground sweepstake was fielding calls all morning about the conditions of the first-snow contest. In this particular winner-takes-all contest, the snow had to appear at the main bus stop in Hirafu.

It’s a relatively sunny day here in Niseko so the snow probably won’t last that long in the village. But not to worry – heavier snowfalls are expected tonight.

Winter is upon us. May there be many snowfalls to come.

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