Inside Blackcomb

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AT night from the roadside just in front of NAC, you cannot miss Blackcomb – the latest grand chalet to be completed as part of the Ezo Views line from developer Yotei Capital.

Quality exudes from the outset as Blackcomb is designed to outlast and literally gives off a rock-solid impression with the entire structure constructed from reinforced concrete – a material typically used in much larger buildings. It is hewn out of poured stone, not wood nailed together. And the wrap-around cantilevered balconies on the top floors allow you to hear the pleasant gurgling sounds of the Oyaji River in the backyard during summer.

The front face of Blackcomb is mostly glass, affording simultaneous views of Mount Yotei and the ski hill. The single-plane concrete roof lets accumulated snow fall directly into the river, and allows for a spectacular living room with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors.

Adding to the comfort of this stylish residence is the six-person elevator that makes all four levels accessible by wheelchair – and/or injured skiers and snowboarders. The building is eco-friendly, with bamboo flooring, power-saving electronics and an EcoSmart fireplace. Blackcomb has floor heating throughout the entire building, so there is no forced air that tends to be very dry. The practicality of a garage on the first floor along with a heated driveway makes egress very straightforward in the winter months.

Within its 340 sqm confines are four bedrooms and six bathrooms, along with a staff room, which will be useful for large families. Luxurious touches include authentic contemporary Italian furniture, Jacuzzi, a high-end kitchen and kitchen appliances offering contemporary sophistication.

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