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FLOWRIDER is an indoor-wave-machine located inside Sun Palace Hotel’s waterpark, on the banks of Lake Toya. The wave is open for surfing during certain allotted times between 9am to 5pm.

The wave is created by propeller pumps, which take water from a pool and inject a 3-inch sheet wave over a soft rubber surface. This creates a wavelike shape that you can ride on a boogie board.

Beginners can start on their stomach, intermediates can attempt to stand, and experts can carve all over the wave on their feet, and perform impressive tricks all whilst splashing the beginners.

The best part of FlowRider is watching people wipe-out – it looks like some sort of cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. And no need to worry about hurting yourself. The foamy plastic that shapes the wave is soft enough to absorb the energy of impacts. 

FlowRider officials claim that the surface is “much like a trampoline, and helps to absorb the worst of impacts and makes you come back for more.”

The Sun Palace Hotel complex on the shoreline of Lake Toya is about 75 minutes by car from Niseko.
Aza Toyako Onsen 7-1, Soubetsu-cho,
Usu-gun, Tel: 0142 75 111

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