Hirafu’s next big thing Setsu Niseko breaks ground

By 26th April 2019 April 29th, 2019 Development, News

A traditional Shinto ground breaking ceremony has marked the start of construction on Setsu Niseko – the largest condominium to be built in Niseko to date.

Renowned Singaporean developer SC Global is behind the project which is located in a large, prominent plot of land on one of Hirafu’s main streets, below the Hirafu Gondola.

Setsu Niseko will include 190 apartments set within a series of buildings centred around an internal courtyard. A range of restaurants and retail on the ground floor will open onto the surrounding streets.

Simon Cheong, founder and chairman of SC Global Developments, and other stakeholders took part in the ceremony.

Taeko Urano – former owner of the land, relative of Hirafu’s first settler, and pioneer of Hirafu’s tourism and dining scene – was also on hand for the ground-breaking ceremony and said she was happy the building and its ground-floor retail and dining establishments would breathe new life into the location, which was previously a large, unused lot.

Setsu Niseko is due for completion in December 2021.

Learn more about Setsu Niseko from SC Global


“The name Setsu Niseko (雪ニセコ), is inspired by the phrase 雪月花 ‘Setsu getsu ka’. This means ‘snow-moon-flower’ and was taken from a poem by the famous Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi. Popular throughout China and Japan, the poem celebrates the importance of nature’s beauty in our lives as a backdrop for cherished moments with loved ones. It reads…

Setsu Niseko Living Area with View | Upper Hirafu

“I remember you especially when snow, the moon or flowers are beautiful.”

The phrase ‘setsu getsu ka’ embodies the beauty of art and design in Japan and perfectly captures the charm and natural beauty of Niseko’s four seasons — the pristine snow in winter, the warm embrace of the autumn moon, the vibrancy of cherry blossoms blooming each spring, and the vivacity of summer months when the land is carpeted in green.

Architecture and vision

Creating a new resort goes beyond architecture and design. For SC Global, it was about meditating the sense of space to create a dwelling that those who inhabit it, can identify with and be proud of, ensuring the resort’s identity be rooted in deep respect and understanding of its spectacular natural environment. From this emerged their vision to create architecture and luxurious living experiences that encapsulate the purity and understated elegance of the Japanese spirit.

Setsu Niseko’s six-storey architecture forms an arresting presence with three distinctive blocks along Main Street, articulated with random frame protrusions that gradually fade in intensity. While a series of restaurants and boutiques on the ground floor extend the street life of the main town at this new landmark.

“An enchanting open-air courtyard lies in the heart of the resort complementing the vast mountainous landscape with delicate water features and terraced landscapes – offering residents quiet pockets of tranquillity, each designed to capture the beauty of Niseko’s changing seasons.”

Considered interiors carefully balance the honest purity of traditional Japanese spaces with contemporary luxuries to create a space that feels reassuringly warm and inviting. Thoughtful Japanese design touches like ‘shoji’ screens surprise and delight, whilst a Tatami Room complete with closet and Japanese futons provide flexibility for families with children in the smaller 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Designed to optimise the stunning views, each apartments boasts extensive wall –to-wall panoramas of the landscape with built-in day beds inspired by the ‘Engawa’ corridor the mediates the interior and exterior spaces of traditional Japanese townhouses.

With every detail masterfully crafted and considered, SC Global’s exemplary take on the ultimate living is set to bring new benchmarks to Niseko with an impeccable collection of 190 apartments comprised of studio, one, two, three or four-bedroom apartments through to the most coveted penthouses.

Team Partners

With such a breathtaking location, at Setsu Niseko it was incredibly important that the luxurious living spaces reflect the purity and elegant beauty of Japanese design and architecture. To realise this vision, SC Global is working in a partnership of creative exchange with a talented team of designers, architecture and engineers from both Singapore and Japan, who share their constant pursuit of original thought and design excellence.

Lead architect for the project is internationally acclaimed architect Mok Wei Wei from ‘W Architect’ in Singapore. Recipient of the Presidents Design Award, Wei Wei has worked on a number of SC Global’s projects and has an in-depth understanding of SC Global’s hallmark design principles and quality standards. Working alongside Wei Wei and his team, boutique Interior Design firm ‘Field Four’ will ensure the spirt and purity that encapsulate ‘Setsu Getsu Ka’ and our inspiration for the project is brought to life throughout the interior spaces.

“We believe in providing our partners an environment to explore original design concepts and techniques, whilst ensuring the spirt of craftsmanship and attention to detail is rooted within every level of construction.”

To accomplish these values they have appointed ‘Iwata Chizaki’ as general contractor for Setsu Niseko and ‘Kume Sekkei’ to oversee the architectural compliance and development. Both are regarded as powerhouses of excellence within the field of architecture, engineering and construction with over 90 years of experience delivering a wide range of acclaimed and prestigious projects across the globe from luxury hotels to sporting stadiums, public art and recreation facilities to dams and bridges.

With a reputation for construction excellence ‘Iwata Chizaki’ is the foremost civil and building contractor in Hokkaido and has an impressive portfolio including the New Chitose Airport Terminal, Bunkyo Civic Centre in Tokyo, Sapporo Music Hall “Kitara” and the München Ohashi Bridge. They have also established a strong presence in Niseko and have completed prominent projects including Skye Niseko, Aya and Ki Niseko.

About SC Global

Established in 2000, SC Global Developments Pte Ltd is a leading developer of up-market residences of rare and exquisite design quality. With an uncompromising passion for exceptional quality, craftsmanship and original thought, SC Global have successfully set new benchmarks in design and luxury living with an exquisite portfolio primarily located within the prime Orchard Road neighbourhoods.

SC Global has established a reputation for innovating original lifestyle concepts and award winning architecture , each one a careful and studied response to delivering its ethos of ‘The Ultimate Living” experience.

“Often referred to as collectibles, each SC Global residence raises the bar of outstanding design, quality and innovation.”

The Group embraces a philosophy of delivering the promise of “The Ultimate Living” experience with all its projects introducing original living concepts, service standards and architectural treatment to its various properties. To safeguard this legacy, the estate management arm of SC Global was developed in 2002 to ensure that the same dedicated care and attention is continued through the professional management of its completed developments.

Recently completed developments in Singapore include Sculptura Ardmore, Seven Palms Sentosa Cove, The Marq on Paterson Hill, Hilltops and Martin No.38.

Since 2002, SC Global has held a significant stake in Australia’s leading residential property development companies ‘AV  Jennings’ and the Group has developed in China and acquired land planned for luxury resort development in Bali.

In recent years, the Group has diversified its portfolio with the acquisition of prime real estate in Japan including 3 plots in Niseko, as part of a long term strategy to participate in the growing tourism market.”

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