Hirafu Zaka Park

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NEW developer in Hirafu, Summit PropertiesLimited, has launched a new branded operation – The Rocks Niseko Resort andwill provide the financing for Hirafu Park.

“THE Rocks Niseko Resort is the firstventure falling under this brand name.It consists of a large hotel (100 luxuryski-in ski-out residences) where theScot Hotel is, at the top of the village.This will be demolished and constructionwill take place there starting Aprilnext year. The second one is in themiddle village: four luxury residences– two town houses and two penthouses.”Says Riccardo Tossani, thearchitect behind the venture.
Riccardo has been instrumental in assisting Hong Kong-based Summit Properties Limited in getting a permit for the first time in Japan for a condominumhotel in a national-park zone.

The ‘condo hotel’ model is a differentmodel to the conventional hotelmodel, where the risk is spread outand the revenue model is changed sothat it’s easier to find investment andmake money. The model also lends itself to highqualitypublic amenities without puttinga big burden on the operations.

To complement this venture and the Hirafu Zaka masterplan, Summit Properties Limited are providing financialbacking for Hirafu Zaka Park, on the intersection of the main street and Route 343. It’s in the best interest of Summit Properties Limited, the government and the community to build this park. Director of the company Lucas Fuller, along with Riccardo Tossani, officially met the Kutchanmayor last summer to announce hisintentions on behalf of his company to finance the design of Hirafu Park.

“Summit Properties wants to balance out the development of theupper village – a place where theyhave a very strong interest. They alsowant to see that the bottom end ofHirafu Zaka is not neglected. And soit’s natural for them to take advantageof an offer that I made, which is ifthey [Summit Properties] pay for it [the Hirafu Zaka park], I will designthe Hirafu Zaka Park plan, and begin the process of getting government money for its construction,” says Riccardo.

This project may trigger other opportunities for other developers to work in a synchronic way with the
Hirafu Zaka masterplan.


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