Hirafu safe in Derek’s hands

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MISBEHAVING tourists have been warned – Derek ‘The Enforcer’ Begley has just become the unofficial guardian of the peace in Hirafu. The big Canadian has been appointed community liaison officer and will be based out of the Safety Information Centre in the centre of Hirafu, right next door to the Seicomart. He’s lived in Niseko on and off for about 10 years and his main role will be to help out foreign tourists in day-to-day situations. But there appears to be another reason he’s been given the job.
“I’ll be doing everything from finding lost wallets and helping people catch the bus, to the night time stuff when it’s ‘time to go home boys’ and ‘stop punching that person in the face’,” says Derek.
“I guess my reputation precedes me – I think they wanted somebody with a little more experience in being able to handle these situations, someone who knew the area and had some presence.”
As the number of partying tourists has boomed over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of unsavoury night-time incidents locals have had to start dealing with, from fights in the streets to drunk foreigners passing out in hotel and pension foyers. Like a cross between lethal Hollywood alien humanoid the Predator and comic book law enforcer Judge Dredd, Derek will be highly mobile and have the power to accost anyone disturbing the peace. And for the record, Derek, it wasn’t me!
If you’ve lost your wallet or need a hand dealing with a situation, call Derek at the Safety Information Centre on 22 5878.

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