Hamakko Izakaya Restaurant Kutchan

By 1st March 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

If you hitch a free ride down to K-town on the Kutchan Night Go Bus that leaves from outside Seicomart, you owe it to Takashi Nakayama to dine at his delicious izakaya restaurant Hamakko – it was Nakayama-san’s idea that the Kutchan Council should offer the free service to get people staying in Hirafu down to its quirky little service town at night to experience the wonderful array of restaurants, pubs and other entertainment venues it boasts. Hamakko started about 20 years ago, in the peak of the infamous Japanese economic boom, and the restaurant was packed every night with businessman living large on company expense accounts. Their speciality is seafood, sourced from Hokkaido’s seafood hotspots wherever they might be each season. Be sure to get your polaroid taken and pinned to the wall for posterity, and to be boasted about to the friends you take there next time.

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