GROOVY, Kutchan, Katsumi Sasaki

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BORN and raised in Kutchan, Katsumi Sasaki started his own salon above his parents hairdressing business 18 years ago, after living and training in Sapporo for 10 years.

Before moving to Sapporo, Katsumi was a skier, but after moving back to Kutchan he met Gentem owner Taro Tamai and learned how to snowboard from the master. Katsumi’s shop Groovy is decorated with pieces of his personality –- there are skateboards, snowboards, books, art, cool pieces of furniture and his cute little dog Amu. Every morning Katsumi tries to snowboard, unless he has a customer. Snowboarding and enjoying the mountains will keep Katsumi near Niseko’s mountains forever.

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